Dirge of Urazya


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Dirge of Urazya is a system-neutral roleplaying ‘zine designed to help your group collaboratively create a setting for their adventures. This ‘zine gives you the basic information about the land of Urazya—a setting that mixes ideas drawn from the Gothic, Western, post-apocalyptic, and science fantasy genres—but also presents a series of twenty prompts you can use to build your version of the setting as part of the first session of play. Read each section aloud with your group, then work together to answer the prompts posed at the end of each segment of setting description.

Additional worldbuilding prompts to generate factions, locations, items, and nonplayer characters are found after the initial setting sections, but these prompts can be addressed as needed and do not need to be part of your first session. Also provided are a number of example adventure seeds and archetypes, origins, and
backstory ideas to riff on when creating characters.

- written and illustrated by Jack Shear
- inspired by Vampire Hunter D and Castlevania
- 24 interior pages printed on #32 white bond
- copiously illustrated
- assembled by hand, just like in the 90s
- free pdf version sent directly to your email

Image of Strahd Loves, Man Kills issue #2: Fall, 2021
Strahd Loves, Man Kills issue #2: Fall, 2021
Image of Strahd Loves, Man Kills: Summer, 2021 Issue
Strahd Loves, Man Kills: Summer, 2021 Issue
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