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Strahd Loves, Man Kills 9


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Strahd Loves, Man Kills is a Ravenloft fanzine that will give you new toys to play with and inspire your own unique take on Ravenloft. 32 pages of content, printed in #24 white bond paper. I will also send a pdf version of the zine to the email address attached to your order!

This issue's contents include:

Lurid Locations expands the domain of Keening as described in Van Richten’s Guide and delves into the horrid mysteries of Crouch & Treacle’s Pie Shop.

Baleful Backgrounds adds revolutionary to the roster of backgrounds available for characters.

Seeds of Evil describes the basis of a scenario or campaign focused on young adults who have been raised inside a dungeon-like mansion. Now free from the confines of their nursery, they begin to explore the terrifying house in which they are entrapped.

Grim Phantasmagoria offers some chilling thoughts on the allure of quiet folk horror and the nature of dungeon exploration.

Wicked Wanderings proffers a number of variant methods for using 5e D&D’s inspiration mechanics.

Fatal Frames deploys three additional frameworks to explain why the characters in your campaign are working together as a cohesive group with compatible goals.

Tragic Heroes contemplates ways to make characters with intimate connections to the Darklords of the Land of the Mists.

Echoes of Doom recommends a number of metal albums to serve as inspiration for your own Ravenloft musings.