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Strahd Loves, Man Kills is a Ravenloft fanzine that will give you new toys to play with and inspire your own unique take on Ravenloft. 32 pages of content, printed in #24 white bond paper, cover art by Larissa Deyneka. I will also send a pdf version of the zine to the email address attached to your order!

This issue's contents include:

Lurid Locations explores five locations in the Land of the Mists: the Iscarion Academy, the Trilobite, I’Cath, Rokushima Taiyoo, and Grauwald.

Baleful Backgrounds presents two new backgrounds for characters: rat-catcher and stage magician.

Wicked Wanderings expands on the idea of creating Vistani characters by reconsidering the specialties of several Vistani tribes from past editions of the Ravenloft setting.

Seeds of Evil details several adventure seeds you can use to craft scenarios set in Ravenloft.

Portraits of the Damned presents three nonplayer characters for use in your games: the Black Iron Widow, the Blood-Soaked Diva, and Ivahn Katavarg.

Cryptic Alliances adds the Corvidians, a folk religion that worships the Raven Queen, to the factions detailed in Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft.

Tragic Heroes focuses on metropolitan miscreants you might create as characters for games set in the Domains of Dread.

Random Ruin features tables for detailing the horrors haunting the city of Paridon in Zherisia.

Forbidden Tomes provides a bibliography of the Gothic horror genre for your edification and entertainment.

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